Breathe Consciously

A singing bowl - Listen to the sound....

A singing bowl – Listen to the sound….

Listen to the sound…..

It rings through the silence, surrounds you, holds you, rocks you.

Feel the breath in your lungs, it is old and stagnant.  Let it out.  Feel its dustiness as it leaves your body, out through your mouth, tasting its archaic-ness, a mustiness of fruitless choices, un-forgiven sins and old wounds still harboured and nursed.  Let it leave.  Breathe it all out, consciously aware of everything you are releasing into the atmosphere.

Then breathe in crisp, fresh air.  Feel your lungs fill with hope, with potential.  This new air is complete with possibility as it brings life-saving oxygen to each cell.  Revitalization.  You must breathe this new oxygen in deep to replace the old, so that slowly with each repeated exhale and inhale, the old is cleansed and the cobwebs of self-doubt are cleared to let the life-renewing light enter, replenishing the flea bitten, shackled soul. Let the light burn away the excuses, the walls put up to barricade ourselves from pain, from feeling anything real and unfiltered.

Society has conditioned us to be tough, hardened us against the world.  What if we didn’t have to be so tough? What if we were all just real? Could we handle it? Could we expose ourselves like that? Soul nudists! I want to be a soul nudist, and let my passions, my loves, my joys, and yes, even my pains, just exist without editorials or footnotes or justification.

It will take practice as I have spent so much of my life bottling it up, hiding from who I really am, and listening to others dictate my choices.  It is time for a change, it is time that every exhale and inhale I take have a purpose, and not just to keep my tired bones moving zombie-like through life. No, when I exhale and inhale, I want each breath to be taken with purpose, to exhale the old, the gunk that clogs up the arteries of my soul, and inhale the new, the powerful regenerators of purpose and to find my way to the life I want, and to be the person I want to be.

Listen to the sound…..