Heart Truths


3016858194_2555072fcb_oWords are my solace. They are love. They are anger. They are passion, hot and cold. I find my heart in my words. I find truth in my words. Heart truths.

Heart truths are the foundations of my decisions, my choices, and my dreams. They are profound, reverberating through soul and conscience. Hard to ignore, especially once committed to ink and paper as words.

Heart truths test me, they honour me, they change me, they push me over the edge and throw me a rope to bring me back up. They abandon me and they save me. They bury me alive and dig me up as I am running out of air.

I dance with my heart truths, a primordial dance of aching drum beats and burning soul fire. Disease and neglect burn away, opening wounds, filling them, healing them, searing them with remembrance scars, lessons learned in darkness as I felt my last breath being stolen from my lungs.

Breathe fresh. Breathe anew. Let the old burn away. I wear my scars with pride. I let my heart truths ring like bells, declaring my life, my value, my mission to those who are ready to hear it.

465898486_4c009168f9_oSo many walk through life ignoring their heart truths, dead to their passions, loving stuff more than life, forgetting how to live, covering their scars with shame.

Shame. It has no place in authentic living. Can I teach the world how to live authentically? Can I teach the world to shed the shackles of disease, fear and self-loathing? Can I teach the world to use all its senses again? To love the smell of dirt and rain? To open their arms and feel the warmth of the sun, the cool light of the moon? To taste the spring raindrops and the first winter snowflakes? To truly see the fractured light of a rainbow after the storm? To see the new day as a fresh start each time the sun’s rays inch over the horizon to say good morning? To smell the clean scent of food picked and eaten the same day?

I want to, but it starts small. I share this incredible enthusiasm for the world with my three-year-old and hopefully he will carry it out into the world with him and share it with someone else. I share it here in my blog, perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “Yes, that’s what I needed to hear today. I hear your heart truths speaking to mine.”

Listen to your heart truths. Listen to the whispers, they will get louder, you will hear, you will feel, you will know and you will not be able to contain it, so you will share it and pass it on.

My hope for you today is that you will wake up to your song and you will learn to sing it and you will sing it with pride and love and gusto, and others will hear your heart truths and they will wake up too.

Let’s all wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

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