April nonsense brings May blog posts!


I am still here! A little bruised and battered but still here.

April was full of busy-ness, sickness, fatigue, stress and a lot of messes. I fell off the habit of writing and even though my blog is still getting random hits despite nothing new being published, my drive to write went into neutral.

20140504_190119May is a new month though. The weather is starting to warm up, the flowers are starting to make an appearance, winter has finally lost its grip, and we are starting to believe summer will actually come. At least I am and I am looking forward to being outside, to going to the beach and to having my daughter home every day. The time will go too fast and we won’t do nearly as much as I’d like to but part of enjoying the warm, lazy days of summer is also letting go of expectations. What will be will be.

May is going to be about getting out of neutral and pushing through the craziness and finding a place where I can write. I have big plans but I’m still working on convincing my husband to believe in them! It would involve a huge shake-up of our living space and I think it’s exactly what our whole family needs to get out of neutral and get ourselves functioning as a family again. I will save the details for its own blog post.

So I am here. I am back. May is a new start – again, but the way I see it is as long as I keep getting back up and trying, there’s nothing wrong with fresh starts. It’s time to believe in myself, my words, my strength as a human being, and that what I have to say is worth saying. I have to stop measuring myself against the writings of others that are so inspiring and amazing. I have to stop measuring my success by the hits on my blog. For now I just need to write and if it’s good, it will find its own audience.

I am here. I am back! Stay tuned for a new blog post early next week. And thank you for reading, for coming back, for taking this trip with me through all the craziness. I have missed you!


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