My daughter is beautiful!


10002989_10152284089025505_1001480336_nA moment caught in time. I wish I could have frozen the moment forever.

I sat in the hair dresser’s chair, the woman clicking away with her scissors and asking me to tilt my head down but I kept lifting my eyes to watch my daughter through the mirror.

What I saw was inspirational…

She was breathtaking. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I had no way to take a picture of her, but a photograph would not have fully captured what I was seeing in that moment as she waited her turn.

I saw the child she used to be, the pre-teen she is becoming and the woman she will become, all radiating from her in a single instance.

It was more than beauty. It was a sense of blossoming energy, of dreams and her potential occupying an indefinite space of possibilities.

It took slowing life down enough to create the opportunity to see it. At home there is so much craziness and different energies vying for my attention that it is hard to catch these fleeting moments. Moments where I am reminded of how very awesome and beautiful my daughter is, and not because of anything she has achieved or is capable of but simply because she is, no qualifiers necessary.

I am glad I was able to take her out and away from the distractions of everyday life and be reminded of her awesomeness. Her joy for life, her excitement at spending one on one time with her mom – getting her nails done, her hair cut and doing some shopping, and talking, talking, talking. Talking about how she loved her nails and about her trip to Nova Scotia for March Break, and her running commentary on how she sees the world around her.

Yesterday was a visible reminder that I need to slow down and take more time to watch my kids, to catch them glowing with their unique awesomeness, and love them passionately and without reservation for everything that they were, are and are becoming.

The moments may be fleeting but they are always there if I take the time to look for them.

1980619_10152284073910505_1067545181_n 1964425_10152284074440505_896688801_n


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